Health Benefits

Benefits of yogurt

The origins of yogurt date back thousands of years to the very cradle of civilization. (In fact, yogurt even predates cheese.) Whether it’s from Liby or Mongolia, Russia or Arkansas, yogurt helps keep millions of people happy and healthy.

Yogurt: a truly nutritious food

TCBY frozen yogurt contains two key ingredients: 1) milk and 2) live active cultures (probiotics). What’s a culture, you ask? Studies suggest that live active cultures (probiotics) may provide numerous benefits, such as improving digestion and helping your body absorb more nutrients.

TCBY takes yogurt a step further with 96% fat-free and no sugar-added options. There’s literally something for everyone. Even some people who are lactose intolerant can enjoy TCBY yogurt because yogurt is easier to digest than other dairy products.
Delicious frozen yogurt can be a healthy addition to a balanced diet.